A variety of individual Ā sessions by a certified facilitator

Intuitive reading

Sound healing Individual

Sound healing group

Chakra balancing & Clearing

Space clearing


Guytane G.


Discovery session


We are here to upgrade , inspire and change weaving together the new transformational millennium

I am a certified Mindset Coach using 30 years ofĀ  my own self development , transformation and experience.

offer many different types of services . In order for you to have more clarity on what works best for you I suggest you book a 10 mins introduction session with me .

Guytane G


Intuitive Reading | Spiritual Mentorship

Initial Consultation Fee: 110 EUR


Intuitive Reading Is checking energetically what the situation of each individual is and what they can do to improve their life: emotionally, mentally and physically

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*Please inform what Date and Time works best for you

Sound Healing Therapy

Consultation Fee: ā‚¬80.oo+VAT

Sound Healing Bath is a magical journey going within to discover your inner temple

*Guided by a Certified Sound Healing Facilitator

Read about Sound Healing Teacher

*Please inform what Date and Time works best for you

Energy Clearing and Chakra Balancing

Consultation Fee: ā‚¬80.oo+VAT

Energy clearing is a one on one session were the facilitator will do an energy clearing using tools to clear your individual energy and balance your chakras with sound therapy session

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*Please inform what Date and Time works best for you


Consultation Fee: ā‚¬150.oo+VAT

Energy clearing ceremony is an act of balancing the energies of the location

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