I am a Certified Mindset coach & Mentor using  25 years of my own personal transformation and experience.

Empowering  you to be who you are in your life.

"Change is a choice, the choice is always yours and time is always now!"

About Guytane.G

At a younger age I knew I was different and the outside reality wasn't my real home. 

My first out of body experience happened when I was only eight years old. Honestly saying, it wasn't a pleasant one. I was in an unknown space and no one could explain what actually had happened.

Knowing things ahead of time and picking up people's emotional field wasn't easy in my teenage life either. Not everyone was ready to hear and to know the truth. So the best option for me in those times was to block myself and my gifts. I had to stop channeling and try to fit into that so-called "normal" social living group, continued my education where I became a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, studied anatomy, physiology, therapy and recovery trainings in California, USA.

As the years went by I kept having a vision of like-minded people. One day, in my twenties, a friend of mine lent me a book "Conversations with God". After reading that book I knew I wasn't alone anymore and there are many others like me. A few months later a friend offered me to join their group on a journey to Nepal. That very moment became a turning point in my life and my self discovery in this reality had begun.

Himalayan Mountains | Kathmandu. © Gaia Center | Cyprus

Himalayan Mountains

Up in the mountains in Nepal I participated in a yoga retreat. The founder of the yoga school became my first spiritual mentor. She was the one who introduced me to a Barry Long's teaching. His vision and knowledge inspired me to go on a one month trip to Australia to attend his public seminars. One month trip turned into one year. Observing my emotions, thoughts, meditation to still the mind helped me to open the door for a deep inner awakening.

Journey to Nepal © Gaia Center | Cyprus

Journey to Nepal

I was practicing a few meditation techniques but the one that resonated with me the most was Vipassana - one of the most ancient techniques of meditation. The more I practiced the more it inspired me. I have practiced vipassana and participated in retreats around the world: Thailand, Sri Lanka, UK, India, Lebanon, Italy were the main centers that I was coming back to for over fifteen years. During my spiritual inquiry I was interested in alternative ways of healing and ancient practices from the Amazon Rainforest. I traveled to Brazil for a year to study with a shamanic group unique healing techniques, ceremony dances and the power of healing through your heart space.

Ashram in India © Gaia Center | Cyprus

Ashram in India
© Gaia Center | Cyprus

I came back home to Lebanon where I started looking for a like-minded spiritual gatherings. I met with Satguru and attended his satsangs during his visit to Lebanon. Brahma Kumaris teaching was my next step on that journey for about three years and led me to India to the main center which you could attend only if your teacher invites you when you are ready. India is known worldwide for it's ancient spiritual heritage with different teachings and gurus. In Dharamshala city, on the edge of the Himalayas, that is home to Dalai Lama I was lucky to attend his satsangs in the Buddhist temple. India became my second home for the next five years of my life that I mostly spent at Amma's Ashram in Kerala state. Staying at Amma's ashram I learned about community service, eco living and humanitarian projects where a spirituality becomes a life style - a way of implementing your spiritual knowledge in your daily life.

Journey to Nepal © Gaia Center | Cyprus

Journey to Nepal
© Gaia Center | Cyprus

After all  these years and experiences with the teachings of many guru's and masters I discovered what I was looking for was within me. I was inspired to open a community center. I founded "Gaia Wellness Center" in 2012 in Cyprus - a pioneer project of it's kind bringing spirituality, community and vegetarianism to our island where we shared our vegetarian food, lectures, therapies, workshops, yoga and meditation classes, activities for adults and children. "Gaia Wellness Center" became a project that inspired others to build their own community projects on the island.

Sound Healing Course © Gaia Center | Cyprus

Sound Healing Course
© Gaia Center | Cyprus

As I love adventures and I still travel, on one of my journeys to Nepal I discovered the healing power of music and ancient powerful vibrations of the singing bowls. A special instrument that creates frequencies for balancing, healing and clearing. I have been practicing the sound healing meditation for a few years and finally I became a Certified Sound Healing therapist from my Grand Master of the sound healing therapy school.

My spiritual journey I see how much it helped me to evolve, accept and master my gifts. I have decided to dedicated my life to serve people by offering you my gifts, knowledge, inspire and guide you back to your own truth.

I am an Intuitive reader using Mentorship to Empower you to Connect with your Inner Teacher, Love and Wisdom you were  born with.


Sending You Love & Light