The Gaia project is a living project that is ever growing towards our growth on our planet with our  human capability and choices to make a difference. . Our projects present  the bigger picture behind the small scenes that play an important role on our individual ,social life and environment.

In life we invest a lot of time on our individual needs weather its financial , physical or health related issues.Our busy life has made us disconnected from our planet earth reality.Let me ask you what use is better health , a bigger income and more possessions when we don't have any fresh air , clean food,  vegetables and healthy water.When are we going to stop believing that we can't make a difference and the problem is not ours its our governments issue to take care of in return for our tax payments.

We as individuals who reside on the same planet does not matter which location on the map have to come together not as people but in our beliefs to create the change we want to see in a practical reality.

Creating projects with solutions  that serve our physical reality with results for us  to witness.The change of all times where littering and polluting or planet becomes socially unacceptable action.

Our projects now

We have a few ongoing projects which are the eco movement themes.

Eco ocean , plant a tree , pet solution, recycle project and Gaia center project.You can read more about them on our eco movement page.