Sound Healing Therapy


Sound healing is a magical journey going within to discover your inner temple.

Sound Healing Bath is guided by a Certified Sound Healing Facilitator

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Sound Healing Therapy

Sound healing is an ancient technique that clears and balances your body. Everything has a Vibration and a Frequency.

The sounds are created with instruments from chimes, thingshas, singing bowls, gongs and many other musical instruments. The most common are singing bowls which sync with the vibration notes of your chakras. Using ancient healing techniques to balance your chakras and align your multi dimensional bodies creating harmony for your aura and well being of your physical body. Helping you release tension, emotions that don’t serve you anymore. Assisting you on your journey of self discovery and adjusting your body to the higher frequencies of change.

Sound healing is a magical journey going within to discover your inner temple. As a result the unlimited possibilities of experiences of truth can be seen. For instance: hidden gifts, emotions, fears, blockages, resentments, attachments, beliefs and patterns. During the session, as you explore within your awareness helps you clear all the unwanted baggage that don’t serve you anymore.

Who needs Sound Healing?

  • If you feel imbalanced
  • You are depressed
  • Need realigning of your chakras
  • You need to remove old patterns
  • Feel disconnected from yourself
  • Confused about your life path

What to wear for Sound Healing session?

Firstly, wear loose and comfortable clothing. Secondly, you will be laying down so you can bring your on mini blanket and a pillow the more comfortable you are the better.


Try not to eat at least 2 hours before sessions, drinks are allowed.

Duration of the session

The session takes 45 mins.

We strongly recommend you to come at least are half an hour before to prepare and set yourself comfortable for your inner journey.

Make sure that you are able to go home and relax after the session.

The vibration of the session takes up to a week to integrate with your energies.

Always remember that on a journey of self discovery has its own process trust in the divine and your intuition. Love, compassion, patience and trust is needed in your process.

May my Light, Silence and Love serve you on your journey.


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