Incense Sticks Spiritual Healing by Satya


The Spiritual Healing flora incense is a guide

  • Mood/Inspiration: The journey of a pilgrim.
  • Description/Key Notes: Balancing Sacred Immersive
  • Use: The Spiritual Healing blend harmonizes energy imbalances in the auric fields and supports physical, emotional and spiritual health.
  • Nett Wt: 15g approx.12 incense sticks.

Product of India, since 1964. Handrolled.
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Incense Sticks Spiritual Healing by Satya

Incense Sticks Spiritual Healing by Satya are hand rolled. Satya Incense are natural and free from harmful chemicals.

The Ritual of Burning Natural Incense

Firstly, light the end of an incense stick using a match or a lighter. Secondly, let the end of the stick burn for a few seconds. After that gently stop the fire by waving the incense stick. Place the wooden bottom of the incense into the Incense Burner or Incense Holder and make sure that it doesn’t move.

Benefits from burning Incense

Some incenses are good for relaxation and stress relief. For instance, it calms your nervous system down after a long day. For example, the most popular relaxing fragrances are Lavender, Sandalwood.

Moreover, in various religious practices burning incense isa powerful way to clear your space from negative energies. The top fragrance for spiritual practice and meditation are Nag Champa, Dragon’s Blood, Musk, Sage, Myrrh.

The best incense for purifying your space are Frankincense, Sage and Palo Santo.

Spiritual Meaning

From ancient times, all the prayers and meditations are usually accompanied by burning the incense sticks. The aromatic smoke rises up and it’s believed your prayers reach the destination of the divine.

Similarly to the tradition of burning the incense, Native Americans use Californian White Sage smudge sticks and Palo Santo Wood for the special ceremonies.

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