Meditation - understanding the power of silence.

Where you are in connection with your creating space.
When your center is aligned - you have the ability to co -create your reality.


β€’ Facilitator | Guytane G.

β€’ Course for beginners

β€’ Duration | 120mins


β€’What will you learn?

There are many types of meditation techniques you can practice and implement into your daily life. The most popular ones are: mantra meditation, mindfulness meditation, spiritual meditation, transcendental meditation, focused meditation and many others. In that diversity you need to find the one that works better for you and you feel comfortable with .

β€’What will I provide for you in this workshop.

I believe each soul is following it's own unique journey and each person resonates better with different types of meditation technique.

I will provide you with a guided meditation with detailed choices so we can work together and discover which type of meditation works best specifically for you.

The duration of the workshop is 120mins.

I work with small groups of participant |max. up to 7 members|. This way I am able to provide personal assistance with my energy and experience.

We will repeat the same workshop for those who did not book the

β€’What to wear?
- Loose clothing thats comfortable. Please bring clean pair of socks for hygiene reasons |mandatory|.
- Do not over eat before you arrive.
- We have matts available if you would like to bring your own its fine.

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