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Gaia – Spirit of Mother Earth

All these years as we have kept ourselves busy taking care of our responsibilities we forgot about who takes care of us!

Gaia (Mother Earth) has been our loving mother who sat silently in the background watching her children play the game of living. She gave us fresh air as she gently brushed us with her sweet breeze. Woke us up in the morning with her beautiful light and sang to us all day with the music of nature. Nourishing our bodies with water, oxygen and giving us land to grow food. Reminding us of her beauty around us, holding up a night light to keep us safe in the dark as she sang us to sleep.

Gaia showers us everyday in her beauty, she has always been there for us. It is time for us to be there for her!

We love you and thank you for your persistence, love, compassion and beauty mother Gaia and may we be better care takers of your unconditional gifts!

May you always bless us with your presence.

© by Guytane G.

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