Guided program with Guytane G.

OCTOBER 31 | 2020


Gaia Center | Limassol


full moon Ceremony Program

Date: October 31 | 2020|
Time: 18:00 - 19:30
Facilitator: Guytane G.
Location: GAIA CENTER | Limassol | Andrea Themistokleous 19
Participation Fee: €20
*€15 for Gaia Members


• Opening Ceremony
• Divination of Mother Gaia
• Movement of the cycles
• Intentions & Affirmations
• Chanting
• Closing Ceremony

Please arrive 10-15 mins. ahead of time to connect with the space and make yourself comfortable.
Late arrivals are strictly not allowed to join the group.

Book Your Spot in advance.
Limited spaces available: groups of 7 people max.

Full moon ceremony will be repeated on a regular basis. Please note we are giving the priority to new participants. this way we give everyone an opportunity to have an experience of being a part of the change we are creating for the new age.

COVID-19 safety precautions:
° All participants should wear a face mask.
° During the session will be switched on aroma diffusers spreading antibacterial aroma oil blends.
° Make sure you sanitized your hands once you enter the Center.

What to Wear & Bring

• Comfortable clothing. Preferably white colors, since it represents the neutral color of all colors. Make sure you bring a clean pair of socks.

• Make sure you take a refreshing shower to come with clear energies.

• Bring a crystal or anything you would like to add to the circle. It has to be a natural product (related to the four elements: earth, air, fire or water).

Full Moon Ceremony Description

Full moon rituals have existed for a long time. The moon cycle posseSs its own power. The moon carries with it divine feminine energies along with power of transformation, purging, healing and wisdom.

Full moon ceremonies use the energy of the full moon to manifest what serves you in your life. Giving you more clarity about your journey and intentions.

It is important to remember that the ceremony has to be taken seriously and your belief and faith in it will be the result of the outcome.

All ceremonies should be done for your own benefit and should not involve other parties since everyone has the right to their own will.

All ceremonies should be towards your own personal growth and understanding.

As you stand in your power of presence and create your intentions towards your higher good being very clear about what you want to manifest in your life.

Coming together at our center we intensify the energy of manifestation with our united energies.

Each ceremony will be unique according to the level of consciousness the group holds!

• Heal and Clear
• Create new beginnings
• Be a part of the healing of humanity
• Set intensions for the greater good and personal goals
• Connect to mother Gaia (Earth spirit)
• Erase the sub conscious grid lines from negative patterns
• Give gratitude to the planet and her cycles

© Guytane G.


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