Spiritual and Wellness Blog by Gaia Center. Easter message 2020.


Light your inner temple (Easter) Easter is a celebration worldwide commemorating the resurrection of Christ. Today many centuries after what that means for us and what we can do? Christ consciousness is always here in our now moments. We all know about the existence of duality on our planet which we have referred to as…

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Spiritual Blog by Gaia Center in Cyprus. Gaia - Spirit of mother Earth article.

Gaia – Spirit of Mother Earth

All these years as we have kept ourselves busy taking care of our responsibilities we forgot about who takes care of us! Gaia (Mother Earth) has been our loving mother who sat silently in the background watching her children play the game of living. She gave us fresh air as she gently brushed us with…

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Spiritual and Wellbeing Blog by Gaia Center in Cyprus. Soulmate reunions. Psychic Reading and channeling, intuitive reading.

Soulmate Reunions

Signs you met a real soul mate. Soul mate meetings happen because you have an agreement from previous lives to help each other, does not mean you need have a partnership in this life. Soul mates can be friends, lovers, family members and relatives. When you first meet your soul mate you will have a…

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Spiritual and Wellness Blog by Gaia Center in Cyprus. Miracle of Love.

Miracle of love

The miracle of love is an energy you are born with, an energy that lies dormant in your frequency until its activated by another for you to experience. When you fall in love the person has the frequency to activate the energy within you, as time passes by it seems that the love is gone…

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