New moon in Gemini on May 22nd 2020. Channeled message by Guytane G. for Gaia Center in Cyprus.

New Moon in Gemini | May 22nd 2020

New moon in Gemini is the start of adaptation and movement. During this new moon we will be occupied with a lot of activity and social gatherings. Sharing our emotions and our new plans for our future. Our foundation is stronger now with the 2 months of a lockdown where we did a lot of…

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Spiritual and Wellbeing Blog by Gaia Center in Cyprus. Scorpio Full moon - Super Moon May 2020. Psychic Reading and channeling, intuitive reading.

Scorpio Super Moon| 2020 |

Scorpio Super Moon 7th of May (A natural Cycle) Scorpio full moon in May is a bringing in the shift of rebirth. A time to reconnect and heal parts of ourselves that do not serve us anymore. Transforming deeper emotions, experiences and understanding the lessons needed in the situations we were dealing with. It is…

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Spiritual and Wellness Blog by Gaia Center. New Moon in Taurus 2020.

New Moon In Taurus | 2020 |

The new moon in Taurus is taking place on the 23rd of April 2020. In this new moon in Taurus Uranus is in conjunction with Saturn. Sending us the energies of acceptance, new beginnings, anchoring the new frequencies of flow and creativity. New moons present new beginnings. It does not matter what sign it is…

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Full moon in Libra | 2020 |

Full moon in libra 7-8th april 2020 As the wave of change washes through our planet clearing and opening new paths washing away old stagnate energies that are out of balance, we pave the new way of being. In order to create a change that is needed to uplift humanity and remind us of our…

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